Bar-Ray Body Sentry Brand Identity



  • Brand identity creation
  • Graphic design


  • Final logo files
  • Marketing brochure
Bar-Ray Body Sentry Brochure Cover

The Challenge

When Bar-RayR rolled out Body SentryTM, they knew that they were going to need a unique brand identity to grab viewers’ attention. This innovative product allows surgeons, radiologists, etc. to perform operations while still being protected by lead shielding. The challenge was to communicate the protection and the flexibility that Body SentryTM is able to give the medical community with a unique mark that would stand out, but still fit within their existing brand guidelines.

The Solution

The logo concept that was chosen has two interpretations, both of which directly relate to the product at hand. The first (more literal) interpretation is a sentry helmet, worn for protection in battle. This allowed for the clear historical and physical connection to the current-day product. The second interpretation is a person with their arms slightly raised, entirely encompassed by the “protective element.” The figure has plenty of room around them, symbolizing the comfort, freedom, and mobility of Body SentryTM, but more importantly – the full-body protection.

Bar-Ray Body Sentry Brand Identity Sketches

Concept 1

Body Sentry Logo Concept 1

Concept 2 (selected)

Body Sentry Logo Concept 2

Concept 3

Body Sentry Logo Concept 3

The Team

This project would not have been possible without the following members of the Graphcom team:

Troy Dean
Creative Vice President

Jessica Dean
Art Director

Lisa Kaltreider
Account Manager

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