Emergent BioSolutions RSDL Branding & Marketing Campaign


  • Photography staging & art direction
  • Marketing campaign strategy
  • Brand identity creation
  • PPC, digital, & print ads
  • Website design & development


  • Identity & branding guide
  • Sales collateral tools
  • Website
  • Advertisements
  • Dashboard to monitor KPIs
Emergent RSDL Redesigned website on screens

The Challenge

Emergent BioSolutions approached Graphcom when they decided to launch their first campaign directed at a civilian consumer market. This was my first large marketing campaign, and one of my favorite projects that I’ve worked on in my time at Graphcom. The product we were tasked with marketing was RSDL (Reactive Skin Decontamination Lotion). RSDL had previously been targeted at military personnel and emergency responders, but now they were aiming their marketing efforts at a brand new caudience.

The Solution

The Graphcom team and I came up with branding and a marketing campaign concept focused on preparedness. The RSDL packaging features easily-recognizable notches along the sides, so that the package can be easily torn no matter how you are holding it. Much of our branding emulated these notches, perforations, and checkmarks (to symbolize preparedness). The primary RSDL campaign imagery shows “knolled” objects, surrounding an empty space outlined in the shape of the RSDL kit package. Accompanying this imagery is the messaging that “if you don’t have it, you’re not prepared.” The products found in these photos are those typical of bug out bags, a staple item for the most prepared civilians. In this way, we were able to create a design aesthetic that resonated with our audience and was applied to print and digital materials across the entire marketing campaign.

When our team launched the website, we identified KPIs and then determined which marketing materials we wanted to track to collect the data we needed. We established heatmaps, UTM codes, event tracking, and goal tracking to ensure that we could monitor campaign progress over time. 

Tracking the Results

Digital Analysis

Our team developed an interactive digital dashboard to monitor all aspects of the campaign and track the customer journey. We spent 4 months collecting data so that we could accurately identify user behavior, successes, and opportunities for improvement.

  • Over 30% of all website visitors clicked on a purchase call to action, which directs to the Amazon product page.
  • Website traffic was increased by 20% using Google Ads.
  • Over 42% of all desktop visitors reached the footer of the homepage, and 54% reached the footer of the “About” page (far higher than the industry average of 25%).
  • Sales of RSDL increased by 11% per month.
Emergent RSDL About page
Emergent RSDL Redesigned Homepage
Emergent RSDL CWA page

The Team

This project would not have been possible without the following members of the Graphcom team:

Troy Dean
Creative Vice President

Christina Karolewicz
Business Intelligence Analyst

Jessica Dean
Art Director

Cory Runk
Writer & Editor

Jenna Zelkowski
Senior Designer

Jenny Yingling
Account Manager

Travis McMaster
Senior Developer

Allison Brubaker
Project Manager

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