Gettysburg College Magazine Design


  • Project coordination
  • Magazine layout
  • Advertisement design
  • Art direction


  • Magazine designs
  • Custom IND scripts
  • Advertisements
Celebrate Gettysburg Magazine cover

The Challenge

Each issue of Gettysburg College Magazine presented its own unique set of challenges, which the team and I tackled on a quarterly basis. One of the biggest hurdles upon first beginning this publication was correcting file configurations for best practices working in InDesign, as well as developing efficient and repeatable processes. The manual configurations, styling, and formatting that had been employed by previous designers were consuming countless hours of time, resulting not only in less time for the more creative aspects of the publication, but also lowered profit margins.

The Solution

Upon receiving native files, I began the process of reconfiguring the way that the team would work on the publication moving forward. Master pages with primary text frames, folios, and grids were set up. We created paragraph, character, and object styles, to be used with a dictated stylesheet. GREP queries and a custom script were conceived to minimize manual font styling and mitigate the risk of human error. I also developed a successful workflow for featured story concept development with the client, leading to each issue being more successful than the last. 

The Team

This project(s) would not have been possible without the following members of the Graphcom team:

Jessica Dean
Art Director

Missy Utz
Project Manager

Krista Scarlett

… and many more contributing writers and designers.

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