Grand Oaks Pop-Up Card


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  • Pop-up greeting card
Grand Oaks Assisted Living Facility Pop-up card

The Challenge

When Grand Oaks came to Graphcom with the idea of reaching out to prospective residents with a fun, outside-the-box appeal, we leaped at the opportunity. I was absolutely ecstatic to serve as the lead designer on this fun project.

The audience of recipients (categorized as “warm leads”) were people who had already shown an interest and toured the Grand Oaks facility but had not followed up since. The end goal of this project was to reach out to these people in a way that would get them back to Grand Oaks, and ultimately – lead them to become residents.

The Solution

One of the main points we wanted to make sure we touched on with this letter was that we knew that these people had already visited Grand Oaks. We wanted the outreach to feel welcoming and familiar – a thoughtful and unique follow-up, rather than a generic marketing tactic. To achieve this effect, we utilized language thanking the recipient and urging them to return for another visit. We also paired the content with fun illustrations and typography, outside the norm of the Grand Oaks brand.

A perforated tear-off was attached to the card, with the bottom portion serving as an incentive for a return visit (for a free meal – along with 3 guests), and the top half serving as a bookmark with Grand Oaks contact information. This was the first pop-up card that Graphcom ever produced – with an umbrella opening out toward the recipient, symbolizing the wide array of caretaking services at Grand Oaks.

The Team

This project would not have been possible without the following members of the Graphcom team:

Kelly Brooks
Creative Director

Alexis Grant
Project Manager

Jessica Dean
Art Director

Cory Runk

Michael Provencher
Senior Developer

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