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Graphcom redesigned website on screens

The Challenge

*Full disclosure – I am currently employed by Graphcom

Graphcom had a problem that had been building up over the years… we were advertising ourselves as digital marketing experts, but our website was very obviously outdated. How could our prospective clients trust us with their work if we weren’t adequately selling ourselves? We had a serious task on our hands – a complete and total overhaul of the website from top to bottom.

As is typically the case, working on our own materials was a difficult task. Making the time for a huge internal project while prioritizing client work can prove quite the challenge, on top of the hurdle of pleasing the client (a.k.a. many of your coworkers!).

The Solution

From day one, one of our top priorities was to create an results-based website that stood out from other digital experiences. We wanted to formulate a web 2.0 site that put prominence on our company’s four “pillars” (healthcare, education, nonprofit, for profit), and showcased our capabilities through case studies, white papers, and portfolio pieces.

The dynamic sidebar menu was introduced as one of the solutions to all of these goals. The visuals and the experience are unique enough to immediately draw the user’s attention, but also familiar enough that it only takes a few seconds to catch on. Check it out!

Graphcom website white paper
Graphcom website About web page
Graphcom website Healthcare web page

The Team

This project would not have been possible without the following members of the Graphcom team:

Troy Dean
Creative Vice President

Krista Scarlett
Editorial Director

Kelly Brooks
Creative Director

Cory Runk

Jodie Gelnett
Account Manager

Travis McMaster
Senior Developer

Ellen Wetzel
Senior Designer

Michael Provencher
Senior Developer

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