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Mud College Farm tent

The Challenge

Mud College Farm was established in 2019 and had been operating without a visual brand identity until early 2020. To increase brand awareness and recognition, owner and operator Ben Mearns wanted to establish a brand that would pay homage to the historical nature of the farm’s property. Ben and his wife Susan had considered starting with two different historical landmarks on the property – a farm bell, and an old traditional schoolhouse. They were looking for a more illustrative and artistic style logo that would include one of these historic points of reference, the farm’s name, and the “fresh, local, organic” tagline. Later in the process, they also decided that they wanted to incorporate a number of different produce items to showcase the organic items that they grew and sold. 

The Solution

My first step was to brainstorm a number of different logo layout options, with both the farm bell and the schoolhouse in mind. After this step, Ben and Susan decided that they wanted to go with the farm bell, and asked if I could incorporate a number of different produce items into the logo as well. This presented a unique challenge, as they did not want any of the text to overlap the illustration of the bell. We ended up adding the produce items to the base of the bell, and aligning the text directly underneath. This allowed for a clean separation of the logomark and the wordmark, which translated well to many of the different branding materials they planned to produce.

Once the illustrations and typography were complete, it was time to establish a full set of brand standards. The client needed the logo to work on a variety of different sized materials – from a large tent banner to small stickers and tote bags. Digital marketing was also kept in mind – with social media and website treatment being taken into consideration. A 12-page brand style guide was provided, along with all final logo and branding assets.

Mud College Farm logo sketches

“Chelsea was fantastic in every respect. Professional, meticulous, and highly creative. Chelsea was attentive to our needs, as well as our budget. We provided her a few ideas to get started, and she led us through to a logo that captured exactly what we were after, and delighted our customers too. We highly recommend CSSolutions.”

Susan Chalmers

Mud College Farm

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